Thursday 24th September 2020


LinkedIn Content Mastery

Creating Super Engaging Content that turns into leads & sales!

10:00am UK Time

In this webinar, Daniel Disney will show you how to create SUPER engaging content on LinkedIn that generates inbound and outbound leads and sales opportunities!

No more content that gets 1-2 likes, no more content that people just scroll right past. Instead, high-quality posts, videos, images, and articles that generate business.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to write great posts on LinkedIn

  • Telling engaging stories through content

  • Recording great LinkedIn videos

  • Sharing engaging LinkedIn polls

  • Applying for and hosting LinkedIn LIVE's

  • Writing thought-leadership articles

  • Turning content into sales


The webinar will be fully recorded, so if you can't make the date and time, as long as you register a place you'll get a full recording straight after!

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