Tuesday 24th November 2020


My Top Social Selling & LinkedIn Trends for 2021

How you can keep ahead of the competition

10:00 am UK Time

2020 has seen a lot of change around the world and in sales, as well as a whole host of new features on LinkedIn.

As we get closer to 2021, Daniel Disney will share with you his top predictions for next year for the world of LinkedIn and social selling, and what you can start doing now to make sure you capitalise on it!

Topics covered will include:

- What tools & technologies can help you sell more with LinkedIn & social selling

What will the LinkedIn algorithm push next year

- What you should be doing NOW to get ahead

- What forms of content will work best

- The mistakes to avoid in 2021

& more

If you want to get ahead of your competition on LinkedIn in 2021, make sure you tune into this one!


The webinar will be fully recorded, so if you can't make the date and time, as long as you register a place you'll get a full recording straight after!

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