"Daniel brings an immense amount of passion, energy and insight into every one of his talks. If you book Daniel to speak at your event your attendees will not be disappointed!"
Bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, LinkedIn and social selling, Daniel is a popular speaker all around the world. His talks are always the busiest and most talked about with delegates always leaving motivated, inspired and educated.

Popular Talks Include

Generating REAL Results From Social Selling

This session is all about how to generate REAL results from Social Selling. Not just "followers" and "likes", but pipeline sales opportunities and closed deals. Daniel will cut through all the fluffy parts of social media and show you how to truly leverage it as a hunter sales professional.

Digital & Social Selling With LinkedIn

In this talk, Daniel will introduce you to what digital and social selling is, how it impacts buyers and customers and the best ways you can use it to sell. The session focuses on leveraging LinkedIn to its full potential as a modern day sales tool.

Leading Your Sales Team To Social Selling Success

This talk is aimed at Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Business Owners and other business leaders. It will show you how you can effective lead digital tranformation in your sales team and lead them to social selling success.

The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message

Based on the bestselling book, "The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message", Daniel will talk you through his story of how a single well crafted LinkedIn message opened the door to a £1,000,000 sale. He'll show you how to stop sending spammy LinkedIn messages and instead how to craft messages that actually generate replies and results.

Reaching Millions With LinkedIn Content

Every month, Daniel Disney's content on LinkedIn reaches over 10,000,000 people. After spending 3 years creating top performing LinkedIn content, this talk was built to help show you how you can do the same. The session runs through how to create top performing LinkedIn updates, posts, videos, articles and more.

Generating MORE Customers With LinkedIn

This is a straight to the point power talk focused on the core ways you can generate customers and sales with LinkedIn. There is no fluff here, just an action packed talk full of super effective social selling methods bought to life with real case studies and examples.

Custom Keynote

Would you like a bespoke custom session for your event? Daniel can create a talk or session focused on your event, industry or business. Simply email in the details of what you would like and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keynote: Sales Enablement Gets Social – Soirée, Europe

Full keynote video available here

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