The Rise Of OUTBOUND Social Selling

Most of the people I talk to only see social selling as an INBOUND lead generating activity.

They see it as creating/sharing content on social media to drive inbound leads into your inbox. This is why so many people don't think that it should be social "selling" but instead social marketing.

In all fairness I have never classed inbound lead generation as a real sales activity, although in modern day selling it has become a sales activity now.

What IS a sales activity, that requires REAL salespeople, is OUTBOUND lead generation.

Where salespeople go out and create their own opportunities.

They pick up the phone and call someone.

They go to an event and approach people.

THEY start the conversation, not wait for someone to start the conversation with them.

Outbound lead generation is tough, it involves interupting people and trying to buy time with them to pitch what you're offering.

Now, what a lot of salespeople are missing out on is leveraging Social Selling to actually generate outbound sales opportunities.

Let me give you a couple of examples...

Imagine you create and share a piece of content on LinkedIn. It could be a post or it could even be an article. You get a few likes and a few comments on that post, and you sit there and wait for some leads to come in.

As I mentioned before, if a lead comes through, you've generated an inbound opportunity. Most people, quite rightly so, would class this essentially as marketing, not selling.

However, let's say you went and LOOKED at the people that had clicked like and had commented on your post.

Whilst doing that you noticed that a few of them were either prospects OR people who worked within prospective companies.

You then use that engagement as an opportunity to START a conversation with them, which you work through qualification and then turn those that pass into a sales opportunity.

That is very much OUTBOUND selling!

That in essence is NO different to making a cold call. With a cold call, you have a piece of data, perhaps a MQL (marketing qualified lead), and you call them to start a conversation and potentially create a sales opportunity.

With this, you're generating the data via your content and then starting a conversation pro-actively from the engagement.

I'll give you another example...

Let's say you build a strong LinkedIn profile, one that is fully optmized (which I believe ALL salespeople should have). This is very much the same as what a website is for a company. You drive traffic to your profile through the content, they read, learn what you do and if it's something they're interested in they get in touch with you.

Again, in principle, this is a marketing activity.

However, let's say that again you are pro-active. You are a sales hunter and you want to find and create your OWN opportunities.

You decide to use the amazing LinkedIn feature that lets you SEE who is viewing your LinkedIn profile. When you scroll through you find that a prospect, or someone within a prospective company, has viewed your profile.

Once again you use this as an opportunity to connect and start a conversation with them.

There you go, you've created another OUTBOUND social selling lead.

And this is what is happening in sales...

Social Selling isn't about creating lazy salespeople who sit behind a screen waiting for leads to come to them. Social Selling is creating smarter hunter salespeople who are leveraging it to start MORE outbound leads.

The rise in outbound social selling is happening and I'm on a mission to help salespeople all over the world learn how to truly leverage social selling to its full potential.

Another big part of effective outbound social selling is using LinkedIn messaging.

So many salespeople get this wrong and send terrible spammy sales pitch messages, which rarely generate any positive return.

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