"If Social Selling is your game, then Daniel Disney is the name you need to know!"

I think the best way I could describe myself is someone who is sales through and through! I've been selling since I was 8 years old and I am a proud and passionate sales professional. Over the years I've sold many different products into many different industries, using traditional and modern sales techniques. My mission now is to help as many businesses and salespeople as possible learn how to leverage LinkedIn and Social Selling to its full potential.

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I've worked in sales for over 16 years now, from Sales Rep through to Sales Director. I've worked for companies large and small, selling to companies large and small and have led sales teams with over 300 reps. Over the years I have mastered door knocking, cold calling, email, face to face and most other traditional sales methods. Then, when LinkedIn hit the sales world I made it my mission to master that too.


Now, after seeing so many sales teams and businesses not using it to its full potential, I'm on a mission to help!


My mission is to help as many businesses and salespeople sell MORE with LinkedIn & Social Selling. I do this by running my live 1-day Social Selling/LinkedIn Masterclass to companies, offering my fully online 12 months Social Selling Masterclass online course, speaking at events around the world and educating through my books, blogs and daily content.

What have I achieved?

•460,000+ Followers – The Daily Sales LinkedIn Company Page

•10,000+ New LinkedIn followers monthly

•55,000+ Personal LinkedIn profile Followers

•235+ Articles Written on LinkedIn

•164,000,000+ Content Impressions Jan –Dec 2018

•15th Most Influential Sales Expert on LinkedIn (Personal Profile)

•1st Most Influential Sales Expert on LinkedIn (+ The Daily Sales)

•£Millions Closed revenue generated via LinkedIn (6+ years)

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